These are the group Guidelines. This helps to keep the group safe so that all members feel comfortable. 

1. Please be respectful and supportive to other members of the group. We will not allow anyone to put down another member or to be aggressive with each other.

2. Please be prepared to be active in the group. We don't allow lurking because that makes others feel unsafe. You should post at least 3-4 times a week and also when others respond to your posts. That shows you care about what others have to say.

3. Trigger warn topics that are heavy and may be upsetting to others so everyone has a chance to keep themselves safe. Topics include: Details about abuse, religion, eating disorders, weight loss, violence, rape, and any other topic that you think might be triggering to some. To trigger warn a message simply put trigger warning in the subject line with what the topic is about. A brief mention of what the topic is about in the email and then scroll down 15 spaces before posting your message. Thank you.

Thank you for keeping the group safe!

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